Jump Twenty Six - The Skydive Podcast

Second episode from the RV during the Covid-19 world-wide episode.

Chris and Jason catch up and skim the surface of their Covid-19 basic thoughts. Sorry for that, didn't plan on it, just happened.

Chris tells us about the Base course he's just finished.

Nice confession from Ashley :)

Enjoy and stay well!!

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Interview with Joe Jennings while we're all in isolation from the deadly Mexican Beer 



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Jason and Chris... mucho banter

Chris has a lot of passion about.... well, have a listen.

Interview with Ryan Glowka - https://www.facebook.com/TexasParamotor/


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a VERY SHORT episode with the state of the union and a big thank you to all our listeners.

As stated in the episode, go to the Facebook page for the link to my little movie.

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This episode is your stuff... confessions and messages read and discussed.

Thank you :)

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Chris and Jason discuss flying life things and an article in USPA Parachutist

Interview with double BK amputee Bruce - skydiver and paramotor pilot

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Chris tells us about his world record and cutaway

Jason explains a little about water landings with paramoters

Chris has his own awesome segment all about gear!



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A sweet confession - not a confession about sweets but a juicy confession but again, not about juice!

A discussion around this article regarding AAD settings


And this Video



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A kinda mailbox episode, messages, confessions etc.

A little tired but think we got some good banter going - let us know :)

Bruce interrupts the flow

The video that is discussed during show is here: https://tinyurl.com/y46olrsb

Burning Man Tandems: https://airphoenix.camp/


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Good to be back .... missin' you guys n' dolls.

SHOUT OUT to Radio Skydive UK & The Paramotor Podcast

A message about wings and another message from Max in NZ that we're still trying to figure what the hell it's about :)

A couple of great confessions - THANK YOU

General banta 

And how are you taking care of your cognitive functioning - SAFETY!!


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Part two of the Christmas podcast.

Parachutist Magazine Incident report discussion

A few confessions

And a bit of general Christmas cheer


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First time we've done a part 1 & 2. Trying to limit shows to about an hour.

A backdrop of holiday spirits - that changes a bit in part 2.. so watch out for that! 

Swoop and Bruce make themselves heard too!

We delve into messages left on Facebook... sorry for delay!

A confession (more to follow in part 2)

Final interview with Sandy Grillet discussing MARDS - Sky Hooks etc

Enjoy and thanks for listening.


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Chris and Jason have a good bit of banter back and forth.

A couple of confessions 

Interview with Jason't Paragliding coach, Chris Grantham.. who's also a skydiver  

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No Chris today.... just Jason

Short episode.

Part #2 of the interview with Sandy Grillet discussing openings.

Enjoy :)

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Long time... thanks for hanging with us :)

A couple of FB messages

Sandy Grillet interview #1 - AAD's

Chris & Jason banter 

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Christmas show from our home DZ; Skydive Elsinore

Carl, Nadav & Rain join Chris & Jason on a windy, chilly but sunny winter California day

1 x confession

Steve Lefkowitz interview with ShawnaRae Miliano

Check show #10 and #19 for shows on women in skydiving discussed.

Rhythm 100 App available for Apple and Android phones: GET IT



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Chris and Jason discuss the messages and confessions received since Ep#20.... and that's about it... plain and simple and lots of fun :)

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Long show... :)

Chris and Jason banter

Interview with Roberta Mancino

Confession !!!

Final segment with Dan BC

Confession#2 !!!

The regular Rhythm Skydiving 101 spot with Steve Lefkowitz

Enjoy :)


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Mini Episode with a lonely Jason :(

Carl found and put together an edited version of a YouTube video from the PIA Seminar this year:  "Girls Can't Fly parachutes"  held by Laura Golly and Allison Reay from PD.  

Here's the full version on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8INJxZEo4Ww

Steve Lefkowizt does his very first interview for J26 :)

Don't forget about the amazing Rhythm 101 app!!!

Link for the Apple App: http://tinyurl.com/jj6gpxz
Link for the Android App: http://tinyurl.com/hngo9nn




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Chris & Jason sync schedules - at last & are back in the groove :)

Awesome segment with Dan BC on EP - HUGELY AWESOME

News of some changes to the Podcast

Two phoned in confessions - thanks guys!

Big THANK YOU to Carl for enabling us to get this episode out so quick



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Part two of our interview with Steve & JaNette Lefkowitz from Rhythm XP rhythmskydiving.com

JaNette discusses women in skydiving and in particular The Women in Skydiving Leadership Foundation.  https://www.facebook.com/RWSLF/

Steve sums up more info regarding the fantastic app they've created

Link for the Apple App: http://tinyurl.com/jj6gpxz

Link for the Android App: http://tinyurl.com/hngo9n

And some really good general discussion.





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Part one of our interview with Steve & JaNette Lefkowitz from Rhythm XP 

Rhythm XP link: http://skydiving.how

Steve discusses their new skydiving app targeted for the newer jumper.

Link for the Apple App: http://tinyurl.com/jj6gpxz

Link for the Android App: http://tinyurl.com/hngo9nn




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A short "fill in" podcast as we await for Jason & Chris to get #16 up & running

This podcast includes the following:

Jason and Chris's excuse :)

Steph's second confession

Dan BC on canopy piloting 

.. and a little general banter


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A quick catch up show

Info about the next "elephant in the room" show

Dan BC safety segment

Stephanie gives us a "dirty" confession

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On Episode #14 we catch up with Chris and his jumping antics and hear all kinds of goodies including what his team mate Ruben has been up to.

Jason confesses that he hasn’t skydived in ?? months

Carlos gets a great DZ interview

The first in a series of Dan BC safety tips live from Skydive Perris

A great phone in confession and much more…

Dan BC’s book, Above All Else… buy one as a great christmas pressies!


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Impromptu show with special guest Bob Klaas.. no longer a cutaway virgin.. gear issues!

Announcement re: Dan BC and J26

Carlos Felix Ortiz does his first interview on behlaf of J26



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Jason and Chris a little show rusty having not done an episode for a while :(

A shout out to other DZ's around the globe



Dan BC gives a couple tips on pilot-chute in tow and hesitation

A couple of confessions... keep them coming please

Deep Survival... a book Jason's reading http://tinyurl.com/ps5y3vk



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At last Ep #11 is here... sorry for the delay!

Interviews with Dusty Hanks from iFly in Ogden.

Rick Thues from Skydivers Over Sixty.

Aj & Jordon, who were our very first student interview on Ep #1.

Two confessions and a buch of hot air from Chris and me sitting under the trees at Elsinore.... hope you enjoy.

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Chris, me and four amazing women. 


A journey and a half... enjoy :)

A guest appearance by Crystal Sanchez

A confession from a lady called Sam from Skydive Snohomish, WA

Sale and Wanted - Ladies Edition!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/725980460820709/


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Fresh from the sports mat at Elsinore, lead packer, Jacob Colby joins us with stories from the mat.

Brian Germain discuss's 'gear fear' - especially how it relates to the reserve.  Check out Brian's site, Adventure Wisdom, here:  https://www.adventurewisdom.com

A couple of confessions... at last!!!!!!

And Swoop, Chris's dog, lets himself be known to the world!

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If you don't know who Dan BC is, STOP now and go and research first!

In this lively show we have:

Our interview Dan BC aloong with Barry and Sydney Williams

Chris is back from the tunnel

Facebook questions

A confession or two

Matt Toth as guest presenter

And too much banter for the good of your ears - enjoy

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A shorter episode this month, as EP#8 is going to be a long one!

Sandy Grillet standing in for Chris, who's upside down at the tunnel.

How to clean a canopy.

A confession... at last!!

And Jason's soap box mantra about fitness and nutrician.

Here's some links for Jason's thoughts on the nutrician

Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers? - 


The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable by Jeff Volek & Stephen Phinney -









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Maybe the last show of 2014... maybe :)

General banter about life at the SoCal DZ's.. just before Christmas 2014.

Chris explains about his premature opening.

Another interview with Sandy Grillet about body positioning at time of pitching and deployment.

Seeing we have so few confessions, Jason confess's his way into the new year.





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November 11th 2014


First of a few episodes on gear. 

This episode has our student interview and a fantastic interview with Sandy Grillet.

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A "mid term" shorter show while we gather what we need for the up and coming "gear" shows.


In this show we have a segment of an interview with our friend Rich at Tsunami Skydivers, Ocenaside and Sandy Grillet; both talking about, amongst other things, AAD's and the problem with newer skydivers and tracking jumps.


Jason tells a tale of a "near" malfunction... of his brain!  


The greater your need to act quickly and discively, the greater your tendency to hesitate!


Sandy has a pilot chute tip.

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An even bigger and more mammoth of a show than Ep#2!!! 


With both Chris and myself having some recent interesting experiences with canopy activities, Ep#3 is dedicated to all things canopy.


We're  joined by Nadav Schwartz.


We have our interview with a student, this week being Red Bull Pro BMX rider, Mike "Hucker" Clark.


Also interview with Lt Col Mike Smith and Brain Germain but this time about all things canopy, not fear.


Two Skydiving confessions... oh boy!



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A MAMMOTH of a show. We have interviews with:

  • World champion 4 way skydiver & DZO of Skydive Elsinore, John Hamilton.
  • Our regular student interview.
  • Sydney Williams on Boogies.
  • Rich Grimm, DZO of Tsunami Skydivers, Oceanside.
  • And the new section, Skydiving Confessions.

Topics include, line twists, tunnel, what piece of gear is essential after you have rig, AAD & Alti,  where to get flying tips on the web, why you should & shouldn't come to a boogie and lots, lots more.

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This first episode of the podcast is dedicated to Adam Rubin.

Apart from general banter we have interviews with Andy Locke on his birthday just a few days before he headed off with Damien Germano and Felix Castillo of Elsinore Ignite to the World Championships in Prague. 

We have the full interview with Brian Germain and his take on fear n' Skydiving.

We have our first interview with a couple of student skydivers, AJ and Jordan, as a part of a regular spot on the show. 

And last but not least, a sneak preview of an interview to come with Sydney Williams from Skydive Elsinore about the up and coming Chicks Rock Boogie at Elsinore in October.

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Brian Germain teaser clip. Chris and Jason explain the plans and ideas for this new show.

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